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Shimmie Struck Shadow Stick - Sss103 Eye Wine A Lot

SSS112 Black Out
SSS101 Luminary Dream
SSS103 Eye Wine A Lot
SSS104 High Beam
SSS105 Mesmer-Eyes
SSS106 Siberian Sea
SSS107 Amethyst Crown
SSS109 Sparkling Pebbles
SSS110 Moonlight Radiance
SSS111 Speed of White
SSS102 Golden Hour of Life
SSS108 Breezy Haze
  • 2-in-1 shadow and blending brush
  • 10 Striking shimmer shades + 2 non-shimmer shades
  • Multi-functional shadow stick used for eyeshadow base, eyeshadow and to highlight
  • Smooth, non-oily, long lasting formula
  • Quick and easy application
1. Apply J.Cat Beauty All About That Base Eye Primer to prep for the shadow. 2. Swipe Shimmie Struck Shadow Stick onto eyelids. 3. Use the brush end to blend the color across your lids. Pro-tip: Add liner or other colors to create more looks!